Abstract Nail Art with Lauren B Beauty

Hello out there! Been a while since I've shared some of my fave nail art with you. Summer has been so busy with travel I've been out of the blogging world for a bit. But that just means more saved up reviews and products for you!

Today's look is an abstract nail art made up from a few different polishes. The base is China Glaze Sugar Cube, a nice basic white creme polish. I added streaks with Julie G Metallic Heels after drying the brush a bit, and Lauren B. City of Angels, a great pink creme. I finished it off with Lauren B Aire of Bel Air.


This kind of nail art is great because there is no right or wrong, and no mistakes! Plus you can do it slow, one step at a time as each layer dries which helps you come up with fun ways to spice it up from nail to nail.


Hope everyone has a great week and try out some new fun looks!!