Last Minute Holiday Mani (Plus a Glitter Hack!)

With such a rush to wrap things up before the holidays, it always seems like you barely get a chance to take some time and relax. Painting my nails is definitely one sure fire way I get time for myself. 


This easy easy holiday Mani is subtle enough to wear anywhere but has that little sparkle that will get noticed. I started with a ridiculously old American Apparel polish in hunter. 

The glitter hack I mentioned is really simple. You know how in order to get a full coverage glitter look you have to use what feels like 8 coats? Well, because most glitter polish sits in a clear or mostly translucent polish, you end up wasting that in order to get a few specks of glitter with each coat. If you paint a base color first, even just one coat, you can get a full glitter look so much easier! 


Simply take the glitter polish, in this case I used China Glaze Winter Holly and paint a few small strokes onto a makeup sponge. Dab it along each nail and you’ll notice how quickly you have completely full coverage without a ton of layers of polish! Finish up with a layer or two of top coat and you’re done!  

I hope you all have a great holiday season with family and friends! 

xo Carolyn