Welcome to Partly Polished!

Hello there and welcome! I'm so glad you're here. My name is Carolyn, founder and creator of Partly Polished. You may have ended up here from my previous website (the artist formerly known as Notes and Nails). If so, welcome back. I've gotten a bit of a makeover. 💁🏻

dat's me.

dat's me.

This new blog is my brain child, a kind of level up from Notes and Nails. I'm hoping to share my favorite nail polish looks and products, but expand a bit more into the beauty world. Plus now you'll hear more about me as I transition into a ~*~LiFeSTyLe bLoGger*~*

Anywho-hopefully you'll join me on this journey. Feel free to follow me everywhere the internet will allow:


See you around and thanks for checking me out (not like that, weirdo)!

xo Carolyn