Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone! Suddenly when the weather continuously hits above 65 for 5 days in a row people go NUTS! It's real guys, Spring and even a sneak peek of early Summer is happening. This is also a huge gifting time for me. With Mother's Day, Father's Day and the birthdays of 5 of my family members in the same two month span, it is on. I also tend to use this time of year to prep my Pinterest 'Gifts' board since my birthday is in there too!

Mother's Day is a particularly fun one to find gifts for because you can go sentimental, or 'treat yo self' with the gifts. I like to mix it up year after year but below are some great picks for this year!


  1. Like a Mother Pin
  2. GlamGlow Flashmud mask
  3. No Coffee No Workee Mug
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Fragrance Set

Two of these I have recently tried out- gotta test 'em before ya gift 'em! The Glamglow mask is a surprise fave of mine. I used to be so wary of masks and would get really nervous about using one for the first time. I am trying to get over that because there are SO many amazing ones to try! The Flashmud mask smells amazing and has a fun consistency. You can really feel it exfoliating your skin. You put it on for 20 minutes, and it dries and becomes clear during that time. Then you wash off and voila! My face felt so great and I swear I could see a difference in brightness and 'deweyness' even the next day with makeup on!

I also tried out the Daisy Dream set. The packaging is as always, so adorable. Honestly I think my favorite part of this set is the travel roller! I threw it in my gym bag and it is the perfect way to apply fragrance while on the go. Plus the scent reminds me that oh yeah, it's SPRING!

Hope these gift ides help you find the best surprise for mom!

xo Carolyn