Spring Wedding Season Inspo from Rent The Runway

Hey everyone! As the weather gets nicer calendars seem to get more full, don't they? I also find myself doing MUCH more online shopping and pinning looking for spring-ier outfits. As wedding season approaches there are so many events and different occasions that sometimes it is hard to find the perfect outfit for the shower, bachelorette party and the wedding..just to do it all over again the next weekend!

I discovered Rent the Runway about three years ago and I am obsessed with it to say the least. Since then, they've really expanded to more casual outfits, more accessories and a wide variety of price range. In general, the dresses are priced at about 10% of retail. So you can wear a 1,000 dress for $100, or a $350 dress for $35. If you're like me and hate to be photographed in the same dress more than a time or two, this is perfect for those nicer events where the cost to buy a dress is typically much higher than renting. Here's my spring picks!

Bridal Shower

Bachelorette Party

Wedding Guest

Some other great notes about using RTR:

  1. You get a second size for free! Plus most dresses have reviews and designer notes about if dresses run big or small.
  2. RTR also offers great accessories like jewelry and clutches
  3. They add new dresses and designers all the time. You can usually tell how long a dress has been 'in circulation' based on the number of reviews. A dress with 200 reviews is tried and true, and a dress with 10 reviews may have just been added.

Do you like shopping for wedding guest outfits or hate it?! What's your go-to for wedding guest dresses?

xo Carolyn