Travel Guide: 2.5 Days in San Fran

Hello! I'm still here, I swear. The end of my summer was jam packed between a new job (yay!), some vacations (hence this blog post) and traveling for said new job. And then POOF it's January y'all. No idea how, but here I am. I thought a great way to get back into it was to cover one of my favorite trips this year- to San Francisco and Healdsburg, CA!

Eat + Drink:

La Taqeruia: Literally minutes after we stepped off the plane we headed straight the the Mission District. ICYMI, San Francisco basically invented the modern burrito. We settled on La Taqueria. It did not disappoint. The line may be long and the restaurant may be cramped, but it is definitely a must.


Akiko's: I could not wait to grab sushi from San Francisco. Coming from a landlocked state, I always jump at the chance for fresh fish. This restaurant is super small and was full for the night by 6:30. We had some more traditional items but also took advantage of the daily specials, flown in that day.

Tonga Room: Tiki bars seem to be the latest trend, and SF surely has their fair share. But- they also have some long standing tiki bars, including the Tonga Room which is in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel. Open since 1945, it remains a hot spot, with the classic fruity (but dangerous!) drinks and the band that plays from a barge in the middle of a pool.

Boba Guys: Bubble tea is definitely a divisive item, and (surprise) I LOVE it. There's a few good spots here in KC but I knew SF would take it to the next level. We went to Boba Guys twice in three days and loved everything we ordered. There was a line out the door of this small shop at pretty much all times


Runners up: Some other foodie spots we loved too!
Sears Fine Food, Mazarine Coffee, Reveille


Giants game: When this trip got scheduled, my husband was quick to put two and two together that it was prime baseball season. We walked to the stadium from our hotel and obviously had to partake in the pre-game bar hopping that seems to be a thing. The game was extra fun for us non-Giants fans because it was Dodgers vs. Giants so it was pretty well attended from both sides. Plus we got a look at McCovey Cove.

Walk. everywhere.: We went in without a ton of set plans (besides eating duh) and basically just used recommendations from friends on what areas to check out. For such a large metro, it's not impossible to hit many of the big stops along a few routes. From the Ferry Building to Pier 39 to the Golden Gate, it's kind of on one big path. Great way to see the city instead of sitting in traffic!



Shop in Jackson Square: What started as a journey to get a last minute haircut for David, ended up being a great discovery. Jackson Square is a cute little area with great boutiques, galleries, coffee shops and restaurants. It just so happened that a few brands I'd been coveting were here as we "stumbled upon" them ;). Picked up my new favorite kicks @ Allbirds and we were on our way!

Bonus- Fortune cookie factory. A friend who had lived in SF told us to find this gem in Chinatown. While most visitors to the historic area might be looking for souvenirs or of course delicious food, this tiny Fortune Cookie Factory is in a nondescript alley and can fit all of four people at once. It's exactly what you would think- just a friendly woman hand making individual fortune cookies! You can buy bags of them, or of just the cookie (pre-folded) in a variety of flavors. And for a dollar, you can take all the pictures you want. Including the mural of Klay Thompson. ? Regardless, a fun, memorable and practically free stop!

I loved our quick trip and will follow up with another Travel Guide for our road trip up to wine country!

xo Carolyn