Giving My Skin Some Tula Love

Hi everyone! As I have gotten older (womp womp) I've started to realize a couple of things about my skin. First of all, I have sensitive skin. Being a blogger is so much fun because I get to try out a lot of amazing products. But when you have sensitive skin and switch up your products often it can wear on your skin. The second thing is that I am allergic... to something. 

I always noticed that when I was putting on makeup or taking it off that my eyes in particular would water and get itchy. Often I would leave for work and my eyes would be watering for twenty minutes or longer. I don't really know what causes it but because of this I now tread lightly when trying new products, especially those touted as making your skin look better vs. makeup. 

I've been seeing Tula pop up on my favorite blogs for a while so with my rant about my skin over, I was definitely down to try these out! Both the Revitalizing Eye Cream and the Illuminating Face Serum make my skin feel so good! I apply them both at night to a clean face and I swear when I wake up I look more rested!  


I would highly recommend these and their whole line!  


Xo Carolyn