Boxy Girl: My Dream Vanity

Hey everyone! I will start this post off with a warning: THIS IS NOT WHAT MY BATHROOM LOOKS LIKE ALL THE TIME! I was so excited when Boxy Girl reached out to me and couldn't wait to try their gorgeous beauty organizers. I've always struggled with the best way to store makeup, nail polish, brushes, lipsticks...etc! Most of the time, these items end up in a cabinet or deep in a drawer. It's really a shame because so much of my beauty products are so beautiful! Packaging has really come a long way and I've been wanting to find a way to put the products I use every day on display!


When I got around to cleaning up my vanity(and kicking my husband out!) I debated about what to feature! I tried out their Brush Stack, so that one was easy! I just picked up some new brushes so it was fun to be able to show these off! I also checked out their double stack without lid (on sale right now!) I chose to showcase some of my go-to polishes, and a few other nail polish supplies because, let's be honest, I use my nail polish almost more than I use my makeup!!

These products are SO sturdy and durable. I was shocked how non-flimsy they were. The acrylic is also great for cleaning up. We've all seen the inside of a used makeup bag, BLECH! Plus the clear drawers really brightened up the vanity.

For now, I'll keep dreaming that my bathroom vanity was this clean and gorgeous every day...

xo Carolyn